"GOOD SIDE" by Clare Gatto

"GOOD SIDE" by Clare Gatto


118 pages
4-color digital print,
1-color digital print cover,
1 color digital print,
die-cut sleeve.
5x9 inches

First Edition, 2018
Edition of 200

New Archive is proud to collaborate with Clare Gatto on the production and release of "Good Side". Originally created as a series of videos, the work has been translated and reimagined as a flip book. The book contains 2 video works, both viewable dependent on what direction the viewer reads the book. 

Clare Gatto is a Detroit-based artist using 3D rendering software to create videos and still images of a reimagined corporeal form. Gatto's series of videos and photographic prints are composed of simulated bodies, egg sacs, and the spaces in-between. These new works reconsider ideas around the body as we know it, and envision the physicalized self beyond labels and binaries. 

All images in "Good Side" by Clare Gatto.
Cover and sleeve design by Ben Biondo.

© 2018 New Archive

"Good Side" represents New Archive's first publication, and is curated and directed by Chris Cox, and produced by Luke Tubergen.

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